Radius would not have been possible without the invaluable help of the following persons: Carla Hofer, Charlène Fleury, Johannes Josi, Johannes Lötscher, Julian Reidy, Karla Koller, Manuela Paganini, Michèle Lötscher, Tobias Leugger


The operating costs of Radius are covered by a crowdfunding. More than 50 supporters have made it clear that they find our project as important as we do. Thank you very much! For particularly generous contributions we cordially thank the following persons: Emily Mäder, Kaspar Stucki, Livio Kaeslin, Lukas Lewark, Lukas Ramseier, Martin Studer, Olivier Eicher, Servan Grüninger, Simone Haeberli, Ursula Naef, Vivian Crettol

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We run Radius out of passion and not to earn money with it. But we are grateful for every contribution that helps us to cover the costs for the server, the domain and a small advertisement of Radius. Any payment to the following account helps us a lot:

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