Welcome to Radius!

The web app Radius offers an easy way to discuss personally and constructively with citizens with different opinions.

And this is how it works: Based on up to ten yes-no questions and geographical availability, Radius finds two people who are interested in a controversial conversation. The discussion material will certainly not run out, because the web app selects the discussion partners in such a way that their answers do not agree on as many questions as possible. Meeting up personally, participants will have the opportunity to exchange views on various political topics.

We wish you many interesting conversations!

We are back

Jun 6, 2020

As of today, the Federal Council has relaxed a whole series of measures. In view of this and the sharp decline in the number of infections, we are starting the matching again.

We wish you many interesting conversations. And stay healthy.

Due to Covid-19: Radius temporarily disabled

Mar 16, 2020

In response to the current pandemic, Radius matching will be suspended for the time being. You can still register, but we will not introduce you to other members until the situation has calmed down.
If you would like to get involved in other social activities during this time, please visit https://www.hilf-jetzt.ch. And stay healthy.

New feature: National popular votes!

Jan 9, 2020

As the year drew to a close, we worked intensively on the question of how we can make Radius even more attractive and interesting for you as a user. And we have introduced a number of changes for the new year, which are supposed to do exactly that:

- From now on we have more and new questions on our website
- You don''t have to answer all questions anymore
- 4 times a year you can also answer the questions of the national popular votes and meet people who (plan to) vote differently than you do

Try it out! For a living democracy and against hardened ideological oppositions.

What are Switzerland''s most important questions?

Dec 21, 2019

Radius is a platform that offers an easy way to discuss personally and constructively with people with different political opinions.
We want to know: Which political questions are you concerned about? What would you like to discuss with someone who thinks differently? Let us know in our survey!

Crowdfunding successfully finished!

Sep 5, 2018

We would like to thank everyone who supported our crowdfunding most wamly. Thank you.

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